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Do You Want a FREE Orthodontic Consultation in Lancaster and Ephrata?

added on: January 3, 2023

Look no further than smilebuilderz if you’re tired of your overlapped, crooked, or gapped teeth. Bite problems? We can take care of that too! You and your family won’t have to travel to see specialists because we have everything you need at our Lancaster and Ephrata dental offices. Our team goes out of its way to be your neighborhood smile home under the gentle direction of Dr. Serban Nicolaescu, Dr. Shawn Faust, and Dr. Arturo James.

Getting Your FREE Orthodontic Consultation in Ephrata is Easy

The obvious thing to do if you want an orthodontic consultation with us is to schedule a visit at your nearest smilebuilderz location. This is a free-of-charge appointment for patients of all ages and stages of life. Are you nervous about what to expect? Don’t be! Here’s how it all works:

Step 1: Meet with Drs. Nicolaescu, Faust, and James. This is your chance to ask questions as they work to determine what your issues are and what Lancaster orthodontic treatment will be most effective for you. 

Step 2: You’ll most likely need a set of high-tech, panoramic x-rays. These are especially helpful for the precise planning of your orthodontic treatment. We can get a clear picture of your entire head, mouth, and jaw to better evaluate your bone structure not visible to the naked eye.

Step 4: When the evaluation is over, we’ll spend some time with you talking about our recommendations. This will be your one-on-one opportunity to ask an expert your questions about orthodontic solutions in Lancaster and Ephrata. We’ll take the time to determine when it’s right for you or your child to begin their orthodontic journey with us.

Step 5: Relax and know that we’ll also review your payment options and insurance coverage, along with how our standard fee structure works. You won’t be left with anxiety or worries, just confidence knowing you’re more informed, educated, and prepared to make a decision that will be life-changing in so many positive ways. 

Our advanced dental offices in Lancaster and Ephrata are ready to show you how clear aligners, traditional braces, and more can help you love life a little more. Make today the day you contact us to schedule your FREE orthodontic consultation.