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added on: September 14, 2023
Lancaster & Ephrata - SmileBuilderz

Periodontics is the area of dentistry concerned with the areas around the teeth, such as the gums. When these structures aren’t properly cared for, they can become a pitfall when it comes to having optimal oral health. Gums are integral for healthy tooth roots and they also serve as a… Read More…

added on: July 5, 2023
Lancaster & Ephrata - SmileBuilderz

Your teeth are the stars of your smile, but they would be nothing without their supporting cast: gums, jaws, roots, and periodontal ligaments. At Smilebuilderz, our dental specialties include periodontal dentistry in Lancaster. Our leading periodontists, Dr. Moe and Dr. John Nikas, specialize in caring for your oral structures to… Read More…