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Affordable Payment Options for Quality Dental Care

added on: May 9, 2024

Dental care can be expensive, which is why smilebuilderz has several options when it comes to in-house dental plans to help keep your costs down. After all, you should never be forced to sacrifice high-quality dental care due to exorbitant charges. Our plans are designed for patients of all ages, including families and seniors, as well as employers.

smilebuilderz Dental Plans 

With three plans to choose from, there’s a smilebuilderz dental benefit for everyone. Individuals, couples, parents with children, seniors, and employers can achieve discounts, complimentary exams, and more with our Select, Senior, and Advantage plans.

Select Plan: Our Select Plan is perfect for individuals and families. This plan offers patients access to top-tier dental care in Lancaster, all at an affordable cost. The Select Plan includes free exams, free X-rays, and other discounted dental services. This plan is $109 per year per patient.

Senior Plan: Our Senior Plan is specifically designed for individuals and couples who are 55 and up. The plan features exclusive discounts and coverages such as exams and x-rays. This plan is $89 per year per patient.

Advantage Plan: The Employee Advantage Plan is designed for employers who understand that the health of their employees is not optional. In order to hire and retain quality talent, providing them with quality healthcare is integral. Examples of plan inclusions include unlimited free exams and x-rays at our three dental office locations and services such as family dental, oral surgery, cosmetic dental, and emergency walk-in visits.

Making Dental Care More Affordable Than Ever

Members who are enrolled in a smilebuilderz Dental Plan (SDP) can expect to receive comprehensive dental services and an approximate discount of 20-40%. Plan services can include cleanings, fillings, crowns, wisdom teeth removal, orthodontic treatment, and more. The same quality service that you’ve come to expect at an affordable price — what’s better than that?

Enrolling in an SDP is not an insurance plan. Instead, membership acts as a discounted dental plan that provides patients with access to dental care at a lower cost in Lancaster and Ephrata. Patients without insurance may find that an SDP helps to alleviate the strain of dental care costs.

The smilebuilderz Difference

In an effort to make dental care more convenient than ever, smilebuilderz provides extended evening and weekend hours. We know how busy your family is, especially with work, school, and extracurricular commitments.

To achieve maximum convenience, smilebuilderz offers all specialized care under the same roof. Members of an SDP can arrive at our campus location for a checkup, cavity, root canal, gum surgery — you name it! If your child needs braces, our skilled orthodontists are on-site, as well as a pediatric dentist for the little ones.

Dentistry Reimagined in Lancaster & Ephrata 

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