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Tooth Sensitivity in Children: How to Help Them Heal

added on: May 6, 2022

When your child is in pain, it can take a toll on any parent. One of the ways they can show you dental discomfort is through tooth sensitivity, a fairly common issue that your pediatric dentist in Lancaster often sees in both kiddos and adults. However, certain types of tooth sensitivity could mean another issue that we’d like to look at. Let’s explore more common causes of tooth sensitivity in children that we should all be aware of.

Beware of Cavities

Something we can all agree on at our Lancaster dental offices is that cavities aren’t fun for anyone, at any age, especially for children. If there’s an issue with sensitivity in one of their teeth or a more specific area, it could be caused by an underlying cavity or the beginning of decay. What should you be on the lookout for? Tiny areas in their teeth where the enamel may reflect a white spot that will eventually darken over time if it goes untreated.

Getting New Teeth

From the time their first tooth pops through their gums to your school-age youngster losing their first tooth, sometimes there can be some pain or discomfort associated with these things. When a tooth breaks through the surface of the gum line, there can be added sensitivity when your little one tries to eat hot or cold foods.

An Overload on Sugar

As your Lancaster pediatric dentist, we’ll always remind you to watch how much sugary sweets, treats, and beverages your child consumes regularly. Sugar is fine in small amounts, but when their diet is overloaded, there can be issues with their oral and overall health. Cookies and candy should be limited, and always make sure your kiddo brushes after eating or drinking anything containing sugar.

Underlying Sinus Problems

It might sound strange, but a sinus infection can also lead to tooth sensitivity. Even allergies can have a negative effect on your little one’s teeth due to a buildup of pressure from the sinuses that causes a reaction in their nerves and gums. What happens next? Soreness and inflammation can leave anyone feeling unhappy, especially little ones.

You’ll also want to inspect your child’s smile for cracked or damaged teeth. All it takes is one minor issue to create a bigger problem that can be painful. If you find that your child is constantly prone to cavities or decay, we hope you’ll speak with your trusted pediatric dentist in Lancaster about your possible options. With everything from fluoride treatments to dental sealants, we can help protect and prevent issues in the smallest smiles, so they enjoy a lifetime of optimal oral and overall health.

It’s no secret that early dental care helps prevent issues like tooth sensitivity and so much more. Call (717) 481-7645 to schedule a visit at our Ephrata and Lancaster dental offices, where kids can come to have fun.