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Dr. Amanda Fu

added on: January 20, 2023

Dr. Amanda Fu earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from University of Delaware. She continued her education at Temple Kornberg School of Dentistry, completing her Doctorate of Medical Dentistry in 2020. Dr. Amanda’s decision to pursue a career in dentistry was motivated by a lifelong passion for helping people and caring for families in times of need.

In 2021, Dr. Amanda chose Lancaster County as the place to begin her dental career and moved to our community to join the Smilebuilderz Team. Dr. Amanda’s philosophy is to provide compassionate, quality care to her patients and educate them on the importance of maintaining their oral health. Her favorite part of dentistry is interacting with patients and creating personalized treatment plans that improve their oral health and overall well-being

Dr. Amanda’s life outside patient care is a tapestry of vibrant interests. She savors the excitement of exploring local cuisine, indulging in the diverse flavors that her community has to offer. Nature beckons her as she spends time outdoors, embarking on new hiking trails and immersing herself in the serene beauty of the natural world. As winter descends, she seamlessly transitions into an adrenaline-fueled pursuit – snowboarding. Gliding down snowy slopes, she embraces the exhilaration of winter sports, finding solace and excitement in the snowy landscapes. This dynamic array of passions keeps her engaged, active, and deeply connected with the rich experience’s life has to offer.

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