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Pediatric Metal-Free Fillings: A smilebuilderz Innovation in Lancaster, PA 

added on: August 18, 2023

As parents, we constantly prioritize our children’s health and happiness. Dental care is an essential aspect of their overall health, and one crucial element of it is dental fillings. In the past, traditional dental fillings often included metal components, raising concerns among parents about potential risks and the aesthetic appeal for their little ones. However, smilebuilderz has brought a groundbreaking solution to the table with our pediatric metal-free fillings, ensuring the best for your child’s oral health courtesy of their caring dentist in Lancaster.

What are Metal-Free Fillings?

Metal-free fillings, also known as tooth-colored or composite fillings, are a modern dental innovation that provides an alternative to traditional amalgam fillings. Unlike metal fillings that contain mercury and other metals, metal-free fillings are composed of a mixture of strong resin and glass particles. The result is a filling that closely resembles the natural color and appearance of the tooth, making it practically invisible to the untrained eye.

The Advantages of Metal-Free Fillings for Children

  1.   Safety First: One of the primary concerns with metal fillings was the potential risk associated with mercury. While the American Dental Association (ADA) has approved the use of metal fillings as safe, some parents prefer to avoid any exposure to mercury, no matter how minimal. With metal-free fillings, parents can have peace of mind knowing their child is receiving a mercury-free restoration.
  2.   Aesthetically Pleasing: Children can be self-conscious about their appearance, and having a visible metal filling may cause some to feel uncomfortable or hesitant to smile. With metal-free fillings in Ephrata and Lancaster, their teeth can be restored without compromising their beautiful smiles.
  3.   Bonding Strength: Metal-free fillings are bonded directly to the tooth structure, which can help preserve more of the natural tooth. This bonding process also provides additional support to the tooth, reducing the risk of fractures and other potential issues.
  4.   Less Tooth Sensitivity: Metal fillings can conduct temperature more efficiently, causing sensitivity to hot and cold foods and drinks. Metal-free fillings insulate the tooth better, resulting in reduced sensitivity.

Smilebuilderz is Here for You and Your Family

With state-of-the-art locations in Ephrata and Lancaster, PA, smilebuilderz has earned a reputation as a trusted and innovative dental office, where kids and parents feel comfortable. Their team of skilled and compassionate dentists understands the unique needs of children, creating a warm and welcoming environment that helps alleviate dental anxiety.

With our team’s commitment to using the latest technologies and safest materials, smilebuilderz is proud to offer pediatric metal-free fillings as an excellent alternative for dental restorations in children. Metal-free fillings are a game-changer for parents seeking safe and aesthetically pleasing dental restorations for their children. With these innovative fillings, your child can enjoy a healthy, natural-looking smile while you have peace of mind knowing that their dental care is in the best hands possible. Contact smilebuilderz today to learn more about your options and schedule an appointment!