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IV Sedation: Is IV Sedation Right for Me?

added on: June 15, 2023

Deciding whether IV sedation is right for you is often a matter of comfort. smilebuilderz prioritizes patient concerns, which is why we offer IV sedation to our patients in Lancaster and Ephrata to ensure that their dental treatment is as comfortable as possible. If you’re on the fence about whether sedation dentistry is right for you or not — we have answers.  

IV sedation is the deepest form of anesthesia offered at a dental office and it involves medications being pushed through an IV into the patient’s bloodstream. This puts the individual into a deep, relaxed state. Keep in mind, IV sedation doesn’t result in a patient going completely under in the way you would be with general anesthesia in a hospital setting. 

Who is IV Sedation Dentistry Right For? 

IV sedation is not only common for procedures such as root canals and extractions, it can also be used on patients who have anxiety around dental work. There are very few people in the world who jump for joy at the thought of going to the dentist. However, some people may have a stronger adverse reaction than others.  

At smilebuilderz, we have IV sedation as an anesthetic option for those who have debilitating dental anxiety or a phobia of dental procedures. For many, this can be linked back to a traumatic experience in childhood or adolescence. IV sedation comes with fewer side effects than general anesthesia, with most patients shaking off the drowsiness within a few hours. 

The risks of putting off crucial dental work include undiagnosed oral cancer, gum disease, dental infections, tooth loss, and more. That’s why smilebuilderz is a proponent of ensuring that our patients have the confidence to receive care. We’re happy to discuss anesthetic options that may be the answer to your dental anxiety woes. 

IV sedation can also be used on patients with special needs or individuals who find themselves needing extensive dental work. Elderly patients or those with preexisting health conditions may not be prime candidates for this type of sedation.  

The Benefits of Sedation Dentistry 

Sedation dentistry has an array of benefits, such as relaxing patients and allowing the dentist to work efficiently. Under sedation, multiple procedures can be tackled at once. This is helpful for patients who have been putting off dental work and for those who need to get a lot done in a short period. 

Aside from anxiety relief, sedation dentistry can also alleviate the hindrance of the gag reflex. The spasm caused by gagging can make it difficult for a dentist to work deeper within the oral cavity. Sedation allows this reflex to be mitigated, allowing the dentist to work safely.

We’re always happy to discuss alternative options and methods for ensuring a calm and comfortable experience in the dental chair. Contact us today to discuss our anesthesia options, including IV sedation, for your upcoming dental procedure. Our friendly team of professionals wants you to feel confident and informed.