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What To Expect

Become A New Patient in Lancaster & Ephrata

From the first phone call to your 110th visit and beyond, we want every interaction with us to be a pleasure. We believe in offering the kind of care we would want for ourselves and our families and that means we take patient care and comfort to new levels of indulgence and pampering. It starts with the friendly and compassionate attitude we insist on from every member of our team. We go out of our way to get to know you and treat you like the unique and special individual you are. We also offer the best and finest amenities such as:

  • A soothing and non-clinical office environment with:
    • Freshly brewed coffee or filtered water
    • Kids play area
    • Soft pillows and warm blankets to keep you cozy
    • Big screen LED TVs
    • Entertainment options for all ages to make the time pass quickly
  • The newest in high-tech instruments in each treatment room
  • Educational software to inform and educate
  • Specialists on staff so you can get all the care you need at the practice you trust
  • A multilingual staff – we provide interpretation for over 200 languages to better serve our diverse population

We have even invested in dental massage chairs! Sounds crazy, but patients tell us they are so luxurious and relaxing, they never want to leave! It’s true! Many of our patients actually look forward to their dental visits as a way to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the daily grind. Our goal is to provide you with a dental experience unlike any you’ve ever known . . . one that is both relaxing and rejuvenating.

To top it all off, we offer a variety of sedation options to soothe the nerves of even the most phobic or traumatized patients, such as:

  • NITROUS OXIDE ( also known as laughing gas) — gently and safely eases anxiety for patients of all ages and stages of life. Since Nitrous Oxide is inhaled, its natural calming effect lasts only as long as the dental procedure and is easily reversed with the inhalation of pure oxygen. It is safe, effective, and the most trusted of all dental relaxation techniques.
  • IV SEDATION — provided by the anesthesiologist on our team. It is the best option for patients who need a little extra help to fully relax. It’s all designed with your needs in mind and to make every moment with us enjoyable as possible.

It’s all designed with your needs in mind and to make every moment with us as enjoyable as possible.

The New Patient Experience

If you thought we had already offered all the convenience you could possibly imagine, think again! Download your new patient forms right here, before you ever set foot in our office. It may not seem like much, but filling out your new patient forms at home saves time and effort and allows you to access all your information without having to remember everything while we wait. feeling understood, educated, and ready to achieve the best smile of your life!

Team Approach

We are so proud of our team! This dynamic, diverse group of dental professionals spends each day working toward one goal—making your smilebuilderz experience amazing.

Because our offices are computerized, every smilebuilderz team member can access your records and answer your questions—no matter what department you are in. That means that all of your caregivers, from your hygienist and preventive-care provider to our top specialists, can communicate and consult to develop the best treatment plan for you and your individual needs.

The smilebuilderz team is your partner in oral health for a lifetime.

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All-In-One Services

We know how busy life is. That’s why we have designed smilebuilderz of Lancaster to provide all the dental care you may ever need in one beautiful and dynamic campus. You will never have to be referred to any other practice, no matter what kind of treatment you need. We even offer complete pediatric care for Lancaster’s most precious little smiles. Now THAT’s convenience!

What’s more, consolidating all of your care under one roof dramatically increases your quality of care. When your team of dental professionals collaborates and works together, they can develop your optimal treatment plan and offer it to you with maximum efficacy.

Say “goodbye!” to referrals, multiple phone calls, and trips to different practices for treatment and say “hello!” to unequaled quality, convenience, continuity, and comforting trust.

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