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Periodontics in Lancaster & Ephrata

Critical Care For The Rest of Your Mouth

When you think about your oral health, you usually think about your teeth, don’t you? That’s normal. Your teeth really are the star of the smile show. But holding them in place and protecting your health is the supporting cast—your gums, roots, bones, and ligaments! And these cast members are just as important to your smile and your overall well being as those show-off teeth. In fact, without healthy gums and other oral structures, you might not be able to smile at all! That’s why smilebuilderz is so proud to offer advanced periodontal care right here in our Lancaster-area offices from two leading periodontists. They both treat periodontal diseases as well as cosmetic gum contouring and evaluating for and placing dental implants.

What is Periodontics?

Periodontics is a specialty requiring advanced training in the treatment of the supporting structures of the teeth—gums (gingiva), jaws, roots, and what are called the periodontal ligaments. Periodontal care from smilebuilderz can involve both surgical and non-surgical procedures to protect, rebuild, and heal these structures. Our Periodontists are experts in replacing missing teeth with dental implants.

Why Periodontal Care is So Important?

The supporting structures of your teeth are incredibly important—and none are more important than your gums. In fact, keeping your gums healthy through gum infection treatment and proper tooth replacements, such as dental implants, is crucial to keeping the rest of your body healthy too. And now, decades of study backs up what dentists and periodontists have known all along—when your gums are sick, the rest of you can get sick as well.

Your gums are part of a system called mucous membranes. When these membranes are healthy, they protect you from bacteria and other pathogens. But when they become infected themselves, as in gum disease, they act as direct portals of this infection to the rest of your body. This contamination can lead to illnesses and issues such as:

  • Heart attacks, strokes, and other cardiovascular problems
  • Certain kinds of cancers
  • Difficulty controlling diabetes
  • Inflammation
  • Immune system compromise
  • Problems with joint replacements
  • Pregnancy complications and low birth-weight in infants
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Osteoporosis
  • Respiratory disease
  • And More…

Your teeth were designed to last a lifetime, but sometimes they don’t! Replacing missing teeth is important to your general health. Not only do you lose chewing ability when a tooth is lost, but unreplaced teeth can cause other subsequent problems. There are several options to choose from when looking at a single or multiple teeth replacement. The best possible option for your oral health and your general health would be to replace the tooth with a dental implant, as implants are the closest thing to restoring a natural tooth.

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