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Lancaster Oral Surgeon

Pain Free Oral Surgery & Tooth Extraction In Lancaster

  • Your mother has just been told she needs ALL of her teeth removed to stop the inflammation and pain she has been experiencing.
  • Your teenager is suffering from severely impacted wisdom teeth.
  • And now you have a lesion on your gums that you are getting really worried about.

Where do you turn? Whom can you trust when you need dental surgery? You hate the thought of running all over town for care from strangers but your dentist doesn’t perform dental surgery, and they suggest several different specialists. Not only does this make you super nervous, you also don’t have time for it!

Don’t worry! You just found smilebuilderz complete, on-site oral surgery services!

We understand the busy-family lifestyle and your need for security and trust in the caregivers your family relies on. That’s why we have designed smilebuilderz as a complete, one-stop dental care practice with specialists from every field onsite and part of our team. That means that when you need oral surgery, from compassionate tooth extractions to lesion evaluation, you can rely on the team you know and feel comfortable with, in a convenient location you are familiar with.

The Team of Oral Surgeons at smilebuilderz Specializes In…

  • Wisdom teeth removal—whether you have a youngster dealing with the infamous problem of impacted wisdom teeth or you are tired of the discomfort and inconvenience your own wisdom teeth have caused most of your life, our safe and gentle wisdom tooth removal procedures can get you back to feeling great again
  • Exposing teeth for orthodontic treatment—often referred to as Expose & Bond, this pre-orthodontic surgery ensures the best results from orthodontic treatment and keeps your pearly whites looking great in your smile
  • Teeth extractions—when life has taken a toll on your smile and some or all of your teeth need to be removed, count on our compassionate team to help you get through. We can even place dental implants so you can continue the full function you thought you had lost forever
  • Removing and evaluating lesions, cysts, and impacted teeth—all kinds of things can make your mouth feel miserable. smilebuilderz is here to help. Whether you have a cyst that needs to be removed and evaluated for cancer or impacted teeth that are causing you pain, our top-notch surgical team can get you back to health in no time

The No-Nerves Advantage of IV Sedation

Now that you know how we can help get you healthy, it’s time to relax. Our advanced IV sedation techniques ensure that even the most nervous patients have a positive experience and get all the procedures they need completed in one visit. Just lean back in our plush massaging dental chairs, snuggle under a blanket with a supportive neck pillow, put on your headphones, and doze through your oral surgery. You will need someone to drive you home after the procedure, so plan ahead.

Don't get sent all over town!
Get all your dental work done in the same office.