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Oral Hygiene For Lancaster Health

Preventive Dental Care and Dental Cleanings

More and more studies are proving just how closely related the health of your body is to your oral health. Any infection or inflammation in your mouth can lead to all kinds of trouble in your body, from pain and a compromised immune system to heart disease. It can even make controlling diabetes more difficult.

That’s why we recommend both a strict schedule of dental hygiene at home and regular cleanings from smilebuilderz.

Professional cleanings are an integral part of your preventive dentistry and should be done at least once a year, but every six months is optimal. Regular checkups allow us to keep an eye on any changes or developments and take care of them early, while they are easier and more cost effective to treat.

What to Expect at a smilebuilderz Cleaning

Do you think of a professional dental cleaning as something unpleasant to just get through every six months? The hygiene team at smilebuilderz aims to change your mind!

  • Cleanings are easy and convenient to schedule with evening and weekend appointments always available.
  • We get to know you as a person so you feel at home and at ease when you are with us. Have questions? Ask away! We are here for you!
  • We care about your comfort. That’s why all of our hygienists make your scaling, polishing, and debriding as gentle and relaxing as possible. Snuggle in under a blanket and watch a movie or your favorite show, and in no time, your teeth will be sparkling clean and ready to go.
  • We never dictate your cleaning schedule to you, but work with you to come up with a personalized timetable to ideally meet your oral and overall health needs.

And don’t forget, your hygiene appointment includes an oral exam during which we may use intraoral cameras and digital x-rays (as needed) to examine teeth, gums and soft tissues in precise detail, as well as an oral cancer screening.

If we discover that you have an active gum infection, or there are warning signs that you are prone to these infections, we may suggest our more advanced periodontal treatments.

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