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Sedation Dentistry in Lancaster & Ephrata

Pain Free Dentistry In Lancaster

Your comfort is one of smilebuilderz’ primary concerns. It’s why we make our offices soothing and relaxing, treat you with gentleness and compassion, and offer comforts like blankets and neck pillows. It is also why we have added IV sedation to our lineup of anesthetic options.

Who is IV Sedation For?

While most folks don’t exactly get excited about their dental visits (with the exception of some very happy smilebuilderz fans), some people have severe issues with getting the care they need and deserve.

If your palms sweat at just the thought of calling to schedule a cleaning, or you have been putting off your necessary dental care for years because you can’t make yourself drive to your neighborhood dentist, you might be one of 75% of Americans who deal with dental anxiety.

Severe anxiety and dental phobias can be so debilitating, so overwhelming, that sufferers often choose to live with a cavity, gum disease, or other major oral-health issues instead of facing the dental chair.

If even visiting this website is raising your blood pressure, take a deep breath, and keep reading. smilebuilderz is here to help you relax in a warm, anxiety-free environment to get the care you deserve without any trauma or pain.

Sedation dentistry can also be a great option for special needs patients, those who need extensive or advanced treatment, or those who are pressed for time and need to get all their dental work done at once.

Should You Consider IV Sedation?

  • Do you wish you could “snooze” through your dental treatment?
  • Do you have a history of traumatic dental experiences?
  • Do you have difficulty getting numb?
  • Do you have a high gag reflex or difficulty opening your mouth?
  • Do you have extremely sensitive teeth?
  • Do you have limited time to get your dental treatment completed?
  • Do you have a complex case or need surgery?
  • Do you deny or ignore your dental problems until you are in pain?
  • Has it been years since you’ve had professional dental care?
  • Do you hate the sights and smells of the dental office?
  • Do you feel claustrophobic in the dental chair?

If you answered yes to even one of these questions, we suggest asking us about IV sedation today!

What Exactly Is IV Sedation?

Also known as deep conscious sedation, IV sedation is administered by a licensed anesthesiologist right here in the smilebuilderz office you know and trust—no need for hospital dentistry! Administered directly into your bloodstream for immediate effect, patients tell us that comfort is instantaneous and that they experience less pain and stress than with oral sedation or nitrous oxide. We also constantly monitor you for complete safety and customization of your sedation levels. That means that if you are even the tiniest bit uncomfortable, we can increase your medication on the spot.

IV sedation is incredibly effective and allows you to nap through any appointment. There is never a concern about numbness, gagging, wiggling too much, aching muscles, or long procedures. Even our elderly or disabled patients find that sedation dentistry makes sitting for prolonged periods more comfortable with no lingering stiffness or soreness.

Don’t let anxiety ruin your smile! Let smilebuilderz caring team and IV sedation help you get the care you need and deserve!

Is your dental anxiety keeping you from seeing the dentist?
Let us help ease your worries away.