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Teeth Whitening

Your morning cup of coffee. Your favorite snack of blueberries. The glass of red wine you wind down with in the evening. So many of life’s little pleasures are turning out to be good for you and that’s great news! What isn’t so great is the way they can affect the appearance of your teeth. Unfortunately, almost everything we eat or drink (except maybe milk and water), medications we are prescribed, and things we smoke can show up as a stain or discoloration on your smile and over time your teeth can begin to look dull, yellow, old, and even shorter. Never fear— you can keep enjoying all those delicious and healthy treats you love and still have a smile that you can show off all over town. Professional tooth whitening from smilebuilderz can brighten your teeth up to ten shades and take years off your smile, in about the same time as it takes to eat your lunch! It’s not only a wonderful way to prepare for a special occasion like a wedding or graduation, it can also act as a perfect pick-me-up anytime you need to feel refreshed and renewed.