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Metal-Free Fillings

You take good care of your teeth. You brush and floss twice a day, get your professional check-ups and cleanings. And still, surprise! You think you might have a cavity. Tooth decay happens for all kinds of reasons from hormonal changes to dry mouth to having deep grooves in your molars. But whatever the reason, discovering that you have decay or a cavity can be really upsetting—especially for adults. Who wants to show off an ugly, dark, filling every time you laugh? We sure don’t! That’s why we only use tooth-colored, metal-free fillings to fix cavities. Patients of all ages appreciate the fact that their restorations can’t be seen in their teeth, and our health-conscious friends love that there is no mercury or other harmful heavy metals in their mouths. The process starts with the gentle removal of areas of decay. That’s when the cosmetic part starts! Our resin bonding material is used in place of metal to strengthen, seal, and beautify. We love that our patients leave smiling, knowing that their tooth is safe and free of infection and that their smile looks better than ever!