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Gum Contouring

Are you embarrassed by your smile? It might not be because of your teeth at all! Some folk’s teeth are perfectly beautiful and well shaped—they are just covered by too much gum tissue, making them look small and dull. Gums are meant to hold your pearly whites, not cover them up! For some, a gummy smile is a hereditary trait. For others, gum overgrowth can occur because of medications, hormonal changes, or braces. But whatever the cause, smilebuilderz can help you reclaim your teeth and start flashing a wider, brighter smile with gentle, convenient gum contouring. We simply sculpt your gums to expose more enamel, even your gum line, and reveal the gorgeous smile that was hiding there all along. The process is fast and healing time is minimal. If you are tired of too much pink in your smile, talk to us about how convenient and simple gum contouring can put the white in your pearlies today!