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Dentures & Bridges

While smilebuilderz always recommends dental implants to replace anything from one to all of your missing teeth, some people are unfortunately not able to use this option. If your bone is not stable or dense enough to hold an implant post, don’t despair. Unlike denture-mill prosthetics, our full and partial dentures and dental bridges are actually cosmetically designed to look and feel more natural and attractive. We take everything about you, from your gender to your facial structure to your natural teeth, into consideration when designing your tooth replacement so that you can feel more like yourself even after tooth loss, and help you stay younger looking longer. Plus, since your dentures are custom made and fitted, they allow you to speak as naturally as possible, eat more of what you like, and smile with confidence. Why struggle with denture-mill tooth replacements when smilebuilderz’ dentures and bridges are just as accessible, right here in our Lancaster-area offices? Talk to us about your option—we are here to build the smile of your dreams.