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Dental Inlays & Onlays

When your teeth need a little more strength and support than cosmetic bonding can offer or you have a cavity or failing cavity repair that won’t be sufficiently repaired with a white filling, talk to your team at smilebuilderz about porcelain dental inlays and onlays. These attractive and natural-looking restorations mimic the appearance of your own, healthy tooth enamel in their light reflection and translucency while providing much more strength than you might expect from something so beautiful.

Inlays are used in a similar way to composite fillings in that they are applied inside the points or cusps of your teeth. Onlays are a bit more like small crowns, but instead of covering the entire tooth, they cover only the damaged portions, which often include one or more tooth points. Both of these restorations require two office visits. The first is for tooth preparation, decay removal, and mold-taking. After your custom-made restorations return from the lab, we bring you back in for the final fitting and placement. You’ll leave with a smile that feels like Mother Nature herself designed it for you!