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Cosmetic Dental Bonding

Dental bonding may be the workhorse of cosmetic dentistry, but it also requires an artistic eye and precision touch from the dentist. Lucky for you, our cosmetic dentists are highly trained and have performed countless dental bondings for patients all over the Lancaster area. Cosmetic tooth bonding is such an ideal restorative and cosmetic choice, because it requires very little adjustment of your own enamel, can be completed in one visit, and can be used even on young teeth to repair small imperfections and damage. We use metal-free, biocompatible resin materials that are custom-shaded to meet your needs in order to fix chips, cracks, root exposure, and discoloration. We can even use this special material to close small gaps or even out your smile line. We simply mix the bonding material to your specifications, apply it directly to your tooth, sculpt it to shape, and then bring it to a high polish. Generally, cosmetic dental bonding looks so natural, no one can distinguish your restored teeth from the rest of your smile!