All in One Dentist Services in Lancaster, PA

All-In-One Services

At smilebuilderz of Lancaster, all the dental care you may ever need is located on one convenient campus. You will never have to be referred to any other practice for treatment.

Treating all of your dental health needs under one roof dramatically increases your quality of care. Having a team of dental professionals working and collaborating together to develop the most optimal treatment plan possible for you and your family is invaluable. Say “goodbye!” to the days of referrals multiple phone calls and trips to different practices for treatment. Say “hello!” to unequalled quality, continuity of care and convenience.

After your first visit, a comprehensive treatment plan will be developed. This plan will detail the dental services you need, along with the estimated cost for each visit. You will know up-front what your care will cost; there are no hidden surprises. Our team will call you the day after treatment and check in to see how you are doing and make sure that all of your questions are answered. We truly are all about you!