SDP Senior Plan

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The Smilebuilderz Dental Plan (SDP) is not an insurance plan – it’s a discount dental plan.

The Smilebuilderz Dental Plan gives Seniors access to comprehensive dental care at discounts that make dentistry affordable.

Joining SDP only costs $89 for the Senior or $139 for the couple. There are no maximums and no deductibles. All the services at Smilebuilderz – checkups, fillings, root canals, dentures and even dental implants – are available to you at discounts ranging 20 to 50 percent, or more off our regular fee schedule.

SDP can help you enjoy good health. Good oral health is part of good overall health. With regular checkups, we can help keep you in good dental health by filling cavities when they’re small, by treating gum disease before it becomes serious, creating custom-fit dentures to restore comfort and more.

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