The History of Smilebuilderz


Smilebuilderz was established in 2006 with the ultimate goal of establishing a dental campus that would be much different than the typical dental practice. The goal was to form a group of specialists working together under one roof to offer the best dental treatment, convenience and continuity of care as possible.

The idea came to Smilebuilderz founder, Dr. Anthony Skiadas, after hearing countless stories of frustration from patients. These people had gone from dentist to dentist, getting consultation after consultation, just trying to be treated. Dr. Skiadas didn’t want to hear another story about a patient finally getting to treatment, only to discover he or she was receiving the incorrect dental care.

Our objective was to help patients access the best possible dental care from the right dentist. We also wanted to make the care convenient, so we offered extended hours so people wouldn’t have to miss work. We met with other dental professionals, and once we shared our vision, they became involved with smilebuilderz. We sought out independent dental specialists to join our team and bring their specific talents to our campus.

Since smilebuilderz has opened, multiple services have been added – a result of listening to what patients want and more importantly, what they need. We also quickly realized that people were ignoring their oral hygiene and regular checkups because they didn’t have dental insurance. To respond to that direct need, in 2008, we started Smilebuilderz Dental Plan (SDP) to help businesses offer a free alternative to dental insurance to their employees. The program is so popular, SDP is now also available to individual consumers.

Today, smilebuilderz is a team of more than 150 professionals all working together under one roof for a common goal...your perfect smile!